Definition of lacunary in English:



  • See lacuna

    • ‘Compounds 2-5 represent the first extended structures formed by lacunary Wells-Dawson anions and trivalent lanthanide ions.’
    • ‘We find asymptotics for lacunary sums of binomial coefficients.’
    • ‘In this study, the effects of lacunary-substituted derivatives of SiW11 were tested to determine if the lacunary hole is required for the sensitizing effect.’
    • ‘Simon approaches the lacunary nature of recollected experience from a variety of angles, most impressively by describing the tramway and its driver - le wattman - with stunningly precise realism.’
    • ‘Soon after his arrival in America, however, certain studies of lacunary series which Paley had already begun suggested a new attack on the theory of interpolation and allied trigonometrical problems.’