Definition of lactic in English:



  • Relating to or obtained from milk.

    • ‘Whole body endurance training studies demonstrate reductions in lactic acidosis with exercise, improvements in oxidative enzymes and metabolism of muscle, and improvements in muscle strength of the lower extremity.’
    • ‘The primary acids found in wine are malic, tartaric, lactic and citric.’
    • ‘‘I decided to go up for five and come down before I got too much lactic build-up,’ she said.’
    • ‘If cardiac output is compromised, hypoxia of the peripheral tissues may cause lactic acidosis to develop or worsen.’
    • ‘I could also feel my legs thanking me for finally giving them a bit of steady riding rather than all-out lactic death.’
    • ‘Cuinneog Natural Buttermilk is rich in natural lactic biotics and contains all the healthy ingredients of natural yoghurt.’
    • ‘Studies suggest that NRTI treatment of HIV patients causes mitochondrial myopathy, including ragged red fibers, cardiac myopathy with cardiac dilation and failure, neuropathy and lactic acidosis.’
    • ‘Physicians and other health care providers should think about improving documentation of the risk of lactic acidosis and should offer counseling for patients who receive the drug, she said.’
    • ‘The AWPL, however, features eight-minute quarters providing 32 total minutes of game play and a little more lactic build-up, leg burn, and lung fatigue for the athletes.’
    • ‘Relative contraindications include: history of alcoholism, hepatic impairment, suicidal intent, previous history of lactic acidosis, peripheral vascular disease, and angina.’
    • ‘None of the sterols tested at this level induced cytotoxicity as measured by lactic dehydrogenase release.’
    • ‘The fact that the administration of IV sodium bicarbonate has not been beneficial in lactic acidosis is difficult to interpret for several reasons.’
    • ‘By this time, I was bleeding at both knees, my head had become a swollen grenade of aching, pulsating annoyance, and my forearms were wrought with lactic distress.’
    • ‘We and others have shown that these patients have severely impaired exercise capacity and, in addition, do not exhibit a lactic acidosis threshold.’
    • ‘Screening patients for use of metformin and adherence to the above recommendations are important as mortality can be as high as 50% in patients who develop lactic acidosis.’
    • ‘By the time I wrestled it in, my arm was trembling with lactic exhaustion.’
    • ‘A thoracocentesis revealed an exudative fluid with a lactic dehydrogenase level of 2093 U and a total protein level of 3.9 g/dL.’
    • ‘Reddy contends that, back in the 1930s and 1940s, there was more lactic flora in the milk.’
    • ‘It is the end-product of intense muscular activity in animals; a by-product of the alcoholic fermentation process in wines and beers; and the end-product of the metabolic action of the many lactic bacteria.’
    • ‘Much of the research and development of lactic cultures takes place in the laboratories and state-of-the-art pilot plant in Waukesha, Wis.’


Late 18th century: from Latin lac, lact- ‘milk’ + -ic.