Definition of lacquer tree in English:

lacquer tree


  • An East Asian tree with white sap that turns dark on exposure to air, producing a hard-wearing varnish traditionally used in lacquerwork.

    Rhus verniciflua, family Anacardiaceae

    • ‘The tree is the lacquer tree, native to East Asia, and its poisonous sap hardens into a kind of harmless protective shell.’
    • ‘The loss of the lacquer trees is one of the reasons that the traditional art of lacquerware-making has almost ceased.’
    • ‘To encourage local industries other than rice cultivation, Yonezawa promoted the planting of lacquer trees as a cash crop.’
    • ‘One lacquer tree yields only about one cup of raw lacquer during the half-year collection period.’
    • ‘Lacquer is gathered from lacquer trees which are over 10 years of age and are over 10 cm in diameter.’