Definition of laconicum in English:



  • A room in an ancient Roman baths used for hot-air or steam baths.

    • ‘Most tours start with a visit to the palestra or gym, followed by a look at the laconicum or Turkish bath.’
    • ‘In the caldarium and laconicum, the patent hot air heaters were supplemented by radiant heat panels.’
    • ‘Other rooms provided moist steam, dry heat like a sauna (laconicum), and massage with perfumed oils.’
    • ‘This underfloor heating system was present in the tepidarium, the caldarium and the laconicum where the floors were supported on pillars of tiles or pilae.’
    • ‘The over-ambitious attempt at providing a laconicum was abandoned, probably due to a lack of success.’


Latin, neuter of Laconicus ‘Laconic’, this type of room being first used by the Spartans.