Definition of laceration in English:



  • 1A deep cut or tear in skin or flesh.

    ‘he suffered lacerations to his head and face’
    mass noun ‘his death was due to multiple skull fractures with laceration of the brain’
    • ‘However, it was turned away once paramedics realised the laceration was not life-threatening, a spokesman said.’
    • ‘These goals can be achieved by treating simple lacerations of the hand conservatively instead of with sutures.’
    • ‘Three of the four people aboard suffered only broken feet and lacerations.’
    • ‘The laceration was treated at the scene by a responding paramedic, who told Gary he would need to get to the emergency room for treatment.’
    • ‘Manhattan police began their investigation by asking area hospitals whether they had treated anyone with lacerations on his hands or arms during the preceding night.’
    • ‘She pulled the bandage away from the skin and regarded the laceration with a critical eye.’
    • ‘Lacerations generally are ragged tears in the skin with abraded margins.’
    • ‘How I avoided serious lacerations I will never know.’
    • ‘Some time later, the man went to the hospital suffering from lacerations.’
    • ‘I had major lacerations to my left mid thigh.’
    • ‘Lacerations are common simple problems; their treatment requires tremendous resources.’
    • ‘You mentioned previously that several of the lacerations did, in fact, go down to the bone.’
    • ‘Local anesthesia can be used for repair of most perineal lacerations.’
    • ‘Lacerations accounted for most adolescent injuries.’
    • ‘Athletes who sustained a traumatic laceration requiring repair were eligible.’
    • ‘A skin tear is a specific type of laceration that most often affects older patients.’
    • ‘About half the injuries involve fractures, lacerations, contusions, or sprains from people tripping over extension cords.’
    • ‘Only once they were by the front exit did the flight attendant feel woozy and realise she had a deep laceration in her leg.’
    • ‘Small lacerations on the face usually heal well with this preparation.’
    • ‘There also were some folks treated for injuries like lacerations.’
    cutting, cutting open, gashing, slashing, tearing, ripping, mangling, mutilation, maiming, mauling, scratching, scraping, grazing, incision, splitting, cleaving, hacking, stabbing, tearing apart, butchery, savaging, wounding, injury, damaging
    gash, cut, wound, injury, tear, slash, mutilation, scratch, scrape, abrasion, graze, score, incision, slit, puncture
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    1. 1.1mass noun The action of criticizing someone severely.
      ‘Douglas was then forced to listen ito Wild's laceration of him’
      ‘his laceration of his fellow Democrat’