Definition of Lacedaemonian in English:



  • A native or inhabitant of Lacedaemon, an area of ancient Greece comprising the city of Sparta and its surroundings.

    • ‘The Lacedaemonians are exceedingly virtuous among themselves, and according to their national standard of morality.’
    • ‘In this way accordingly he dissuaded the Lacedaemonians from showing themselves to be either too bold or cowardly.’
    • ‘At the same time the Lacedaemonians made a law the very reverse of this, namely, to wear their hair long, though they had always before cut it close.’
    • ‘The Melians were colonists of the Lacedaemonians who would not submit to Athens like the other islanders.’
    • ‘They had time to finish it because the Lacedaemonians at home were just then celebrating a festival.’


  • Of Lacedaemon or its inhabitants; Spartan.

    • ‘The same criticism may be made about the Cretan, which has been already made about the Lacedaemonian elders.’
    • ‘The Thirty marched out to attack Thrasybulus, at the head of the Lacedaemonian garrison.’
    • ‘Such then are the conditions of the Lacedaemonian, the Cretan and the Carthaginian polities which have all a just and high reputation.’
    • ‘They were also required to provide troops for the Lacedaemonian army and support Sparta in time of war.’
    • ‘These events took place in the twentieth year of the war, and to them must be added a Lacedaemonian treaty with Persia.’