Definition of laburnum in English:



  • A small European tree which has hanging clusters of yellow flowers followed by slender pods containing poisonous seeds. The hard timber is sometimes used as an ebony substitute.

    • ‘Other conspicuous species include the whites, pinks and mauves of the lilacs and laburnums on Mitchell Drive and the common horse chestnut whose upright white flower stalks stand out boldly - there are several fine trees near to the Great Oak Hall.’
    • ‘One can also see a lovely section of flowering crabs and laburnums.’
    • ‘A wood-pigeon is cooing lazily in the distance, and the gardens are ablaze with laburnums and rhododendrons.’
    • ‘It's something that laburnums suffer from and I fear that once you've got it, it will spread very rapidly through all the other laburnums.’
    • ‘I am sure there is some legislation that states that laburnums can't be planted near grazing land because of the poisoning risk’
    • ‘In a really well-furnished country garden the laburnums are equal in splendour to any trees that are grown.’
    • ‘The only thing I have heard about laburnums is that they can seed around like crazy.’


Modern Latin, from Latin.