Definition of labourer in English:


(US laborer)


  • A person doing unskilled manual work for wages.

    ‘a farm labourer’
    • ‘Most of these child labourers work under the nose of senior government officials.’
    • ‘Most construction laborers learn informally on the job, but becoming an apprentice can really pay off.’
    • ‘Industrial and agricultural child labourers work long, monotonous hours, with few breaks.’
    • ‘It is the laborer who produces things for the consumer to buy and for the capitalist to profit from.’
    • ‘Only the large and very large farms, 17 per cent of the total, were large enough to require the employment of a permanent labourer.’
    • ‘Officials said that the labourers lived in overcrowded conditions with no proper sanitation facilities.’
    • ‘It also employs labourers to help clear sites, providing pay that enables Afghan men to put food on the table for their families.’
    • ‘Authorities say the trio offered the day laborers work and then drove them to secluded areas to rob them at knifepoint.’
    • ‘The labourers employed there had also worked in Queensland and Fiji, where they had used pidgin English.’
    • ‘‘I am just a widower looking after his three children; a poor labourer who gets by picking olives and minding the vegetable patch,’ he told reporters.’
    • ‘By industry and thrift, labourers would have the chance to buy their own land.’
    • ‘The indigenous Irish community were to be employed as labourers in the colony.’
    • ‘Through the Bootham-based Youth Enquiry Service he has the chance of a room in a shared house, which could lead to employment as a labourer.’
    • ‘He became a press operator and then moved into the building trade as a labourer until an industrial injury on a building site left him unable to continue.’
    • ‘This law excluded Chinese laborers, both skilled and unskilled, from entering the United States for ten years.’
    • ‘Mr Rooney was a labourer, with little employment to be had around Croxteth.’
    • ‘A construction labourer was killed and another sustained injuries when a private bus hit their motorcycle in Vazhapadi here on Sunday.’
    • ‘Also with the highest overall injury rate, the region's laborers were the most likely to face physical risk.’
    • ‘The work of construction laborers is closely related to other construction occupations.’
    • ‘They say the system is broken and it is creating hardship for day laborers and their families.’
    workman, worker, working man, hand, manual worker, unskilled worker, blue-collar worker, hired hand, hired man, roustabout, labouring man, drudge, menial
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