Definition of lablab in English:



mass noun
  • An Asian plant of the pea family, which is widely grown in the tropics for its edible seeds and pods and as a fodder crop.

    Lablab purpureus, family Leguminosae

    • ‘Supplementing the diet of goats with lablab in many areas has been shown to yield better condition for expecting goats, higher kid birth weights, growth rates, and milk yields.’
    • ‘Lablab is a dual-purpose legume.’
    • ‘I had a go at growing lablab as a green manure crop for my bananas, but they basically hardly grow here at all due to our lack of summer heat.’
    • ‘With the excellent nutritive value and palatability of lablab, this forage may be used as a direct browse crop or as hay for supplementation or as an attractant.’
    • ‘Mid-December to mid-January plantings are generally preferred when growing Koala lablab for grain.’


Early 19th century: from Arabic lablāb.