Definition of Kyrgyz in English:


(also Kirghiz)

Pronunciation /ˈkəːɡɪz//kɪəˈɡiːz/


  • 1A member of an indigenous people of central Asia, living chiefly in Kyrgyzstan.

    • ‘To local Kyrgyz and Russians, the spectacle of beefy US soldiers opens a new perspective.’
    • ‘The Kyrgyz protests have centered on the towns of Osh and Jalalabad in the south, where ethnic Kyrgyz, Uzbeks, and Tajiks have clashed in the past.’
    • ‘In fact, the Kirghiz were one of the first groups of Afghan refugees to seek a haven in that country.’
    • ‘There are approximately 2.5 million Kyrgyz living throughout the former Soviet Union, about 88 percent of them in Kyrgyzstan.’
    • ‘Here at the first round of the elections on 27 February a majority of voters chose ‘Against all candidates’, demonstrating the deep mistrust of ordinary Kyrgyz for all the ruling class factions.’
    • ‘The ancient Kyrgyz were part of strong nomadic tribal unions, which proved to be a serious distress to China.’
    • ‘The Russian takeover instigated numerous revolts against tsarist authority, and many Kyrgyz opted to move into the Pamir mountains or to Afghanistan.’
    • ‘And the interdependence of the Kirghiz and Wakhi has increased, alongside trade with the rest of Afghanistan.’
  • 2mass noun The Turkic language of the Kyrgyz, with approximately 2 million speakers.

    • ‘There aren't many people outside Kyrgyzstan who speak Kyrgyz, but that's immaterial here.’
    • ‘The N.D.I. alone operates 20 centers that provide news summaries in Russian, Kyrgyz and Uzbek.’
    • ‘Kyrghyz or Kirghiz is a Turkic language with about 1.5 million speakers in Kyrghyzstan and China.’
    • ‘It is still commonly used as the language of business, and many ethnic Russians cannot speak Kyrgyz.’
    • ‘Kyrgyzstan has two official languages: Kyrgyz and Russian.’
    • ‘It is related to such languages as Turkish, Kazak, Kyrgyz, Turkmen, and Uzbek.’
    • ‘Beginning in 1991, all material about the Republic has been entered into the electronic catalog in Kyrgyz and Russian.’
    • ‘In particular, Kyrgyz uses what's called ‘labial harmony.’’
    • ‘There is also some international vocabulary which came into Kyrgyz mostly by way of Russian.’


  • Relating to the Kyrgyz or their language.

    • ‘We had a ‘Week of Kirghiz films’ in Kirghizstan where, at the initiative of a single award-winning filmmaker, Akthan Abdikalikor, three films were shown in 25 villages and three cities.’
    • ‘These legends are adapted and invented by Aitmatov with inspiration from the great Kirghiz epic poem, ‘The Manas’.’
    • ‘‘His works gave us a great push to talk about national identity, about sovereignty,’ says Ms. Sydykova, a newspaper editor in the Kyrgyz capital of Bishkek.’
    • ‘Mr Akayev signed a resignation letter on Monday at the Kyrgyz embassy in Moscow.’
    • ‘Earlier, he furtively signaled that he will try to kill the rebels if he can, and that there are 15 Kyrgyz soldiers in the valley and 17 rebels.’
    • ‘The two had been handed over by Kyrgyz authorities in July 2002, shortly after the incident.’
    • ‘A few weeks later, just after my Outside story went to press, there was startling news from Kyrgyzstan: Sharipov survived the fall and was captured by Kyrgyz soldiers.’
    • ‘Firefights will claim up to 48 Kyrgyz soldiers, 12 antirebel Uzbek soldiers, and 75 rebels.’
    • ‘The valley is too high for farming - 12,000 feet - hence the eastern Wakhan is inhabited primarily by Kirghiz nomads.’
    • ‘That word comes to us from a Kyrgyz official in Moscow.’
    • ‘Today, the Wakhan has reverted to what it's been for much of its history: a primitive pastoral hinterland, home to about 7,000 Wakhi and Kirghiz people, scattered throughout some 40 small villages and camps.’
    • ‘Minutes later Kyrgyz soldiers are thrusting cans of sardines and canteens of water into their hands.’
    • ‘Dressed in ill-fitting Kyrgyz army fatigues - their clothes are in tatters and they have lost all their gear - the climbers appear on Kyrgyzstan's state-run TV.’
    • ‘Within minutes two Kyrgyz soldiers are felled.’
    • ‘He was among more than 500 people crammed into a small refugee camp inside Kyrgyz territory but just 150 meters from the Uzbek border.’
    • ‘The poorly equipped Kyrgyz army was barely able to repel the attackers.’
    • ‘Rebel snipers had 30 Kyrgyz soldiers pinned in a crossfire in a narrow canyon.’
    • ‘Rakitin earlier said that several Kyrgyz citizens who witnessed the killings testified that the gunman was tall and had red hair, a description that bears little resemblance to Ivankov.’
    • ‘In 1990 Kyrgyz reformers picked a physicist essentially out of obscurity to run their country.’
    • ‘‘Every family reads him and then rereads him, his books taught us to be braver,’ says Kyrgyz human-rights activist Natalia Ablova.’


The name in Kyrgyz.