Definition of kymograph in English:



  • An instrument for recording variations in pressure, e.g. in sound waves or in blood within blood vessels, by the trace of a stylus on a rotating cylinder.

    • ‘It's been well over a decade since I set foot in the Duke Bioscience building; I wonder if those kymographs are still sitting there on the upper shelves!’
    • ‘Experimental psychologists adopted the kymograph as an instrument for recording various time-related events: response times, stimulus presentations, muscle exertion and tuning fork vibrations.’
    • ‘To quantify the cortical flow we measured the mean velocity of the myosin foci using kymographs.’
    • ‘Another indication of modernity in this catalog is shown by the use of the decoration around the kymograph and the ownership of the right to produce the apparatus is shown by the ‘E. Zimmermann’ and ‘Leipzig’ in large block letters on an older illustration.’
    • ‘This machine, exclusive of the drum, has been constructed at less than one third the cost of a spring-driven kymograph, and the drum of the latter may readily be used for either, since but a few minutes are required to make the shift.’


Mid 19th century: from Greek kuma ‘wave’ + -graph.