Definition of kylix in English:



  • An ancient Greek cup with a shallow bowl and a tall stem.

    • ‘They do not appear to have been kept there as part of equipment for a banquet, since room 7 was not used for the storage of ceramics: at least half of the kylikes were piled on the floor in no obvious order, all were burned, and many were broken.’
    • ‘The larger community of participants presumably used clay kylikes of the sort stored in the palatial pantries.’
    • ‘Blegen and Rawson considered the miniature kylix to be local to the southwest Peloponnese.’
    • ‘For this purpose, Cretan elites borrowed from the Mycenaean world vessels such as the kylix, goblet, bowl, and krater in order to emphasize the moment of consumption.’
    • ‘Another from Tanagra in Boiotia shows a person raising a kylix or goblet while another individual raises both hands in an apparent gesture of mourning.’


From Greek kulix.