Definition of kvass in English:



mass noun
  • (especially in Russia) a fermented drink, low in alcohol, made from rye flour or bread with malt.

    • ‘Having been poured into bottles, kvass must be stored in the coldest possible place (on ice), the bottles being in a horizontal position.’
    • ‘The making of beer, black bread, and the alcoholic drink kvass were traditionally linked in Russia.’
    • ‘Alcoholic drinks such as vodka or kvass (made from rye) are customarily served during a formal meal.’
    • ‘Old-fashioned ginger ale and root beer were lacto-fermented, as is the Russian drink kvass, and kombucha.’
    • ‘They are well-versed in the beverage list, which includes vintage kvass and the best of bottled ‘Voda’.’


From Russian kvas.