Definition of kusti in English:



  • A cord worn round the waist by Parsees, consisting of seventy-two threads to represent the chapters of one of the portions of the Zend-Avesta.

    • ‘The untying and retying of the kusti, accompanied by the kusti prayers, is always done facing the direction of a source of light: the sun, moon, or a lamp.’
    • ‘When Zoroastrians die the kustis and the sudreh are placed on top of their bodies on a white sheet, another symbol of purity.’
    • ‘The day is divided into four parts, all requiring ritual observances in which a special belt, or kusti, worn by the pious plays an important part.’
    • ‘Every Parsee Zoroastrian wears a Sudreh, the sacred garment and a belt-like kusti.’
    • ‘Our request is to cross the seas armed with an adequate stock of sudreh, kustis and essential books like our Khordeh Avesta, Yashts, Vendidad, etc.’


Mid 19th century: Persian and Gujarati.