Definition of kurrajong in English:


(also currajong)


  • An Australian plant which produces useful tough fibre.

    Several species, in particular a small tree with shiny pointed leaves and boat-shaped leathery seed cases (Brachychiton populneus, family Sterculiaceae)

    • ‘With this in mind, he painstakingly replanted currajongs taken from the bush to shade his driveway.’
    • ‘Looking east there are kurrajongs on either side of Bromley Street, planted as a memorial to the war dead.’
    • ‘Tall desert oaks grow in the swales between the dunes, and stately desert kurrajongs dot the rolling hills between the ranges.’
    • ‘The house is protected by a tree lined driveway which features Himalayan cedars, Chinese elms, white cedars, peppercorns, kurrajongs, jacarandas, bunyah trees and an abundance of olives.’
    • ‘In addition, those strange looking boab trees, tall livistona palms, beautiful water lilies, colourful kapok bushes and kurrajong trees are all special sights across this unique landscape.’


Early 19th century: from Dharuk garrajung ‘fibre fishing line’.