Definition of Kupffer cell in English:

Kupffer cell


  • A phagocytic cell which forms the lining of the sinusoids of the liver and is involved in the breakdown of red blood cells.

    • ‘Normally, immune complexes are rapidly removed from the bloodstream by macrophages in the spleen, and Kupffer cells in the liver.’
    • ‘They then watched as sporozoites traversed Kupffer cells using a special process distinct from ordinary parasite locomotion.’
    • ‘Iron deposition in the bile ductal epithelium and Kupffer cells was minimal.’
    • ‘In this organ, proliferation of the Kupffer cells is noted after the injections have been continued for a very long time.’
    • ‘It can be identified in canaliculi, in hepatocytes, and in Kupffer cells.’


Early 20th century: named after Karl Wilhelm von Kupffer (1829–1902), Bavarian anatomist.


Kupffer cell