Definition of kupapa in English:



  • A Maori man who fought on the British side in the New Zealand Wars of the nineteenth century.

    ‘British soldiers would never again be employed in hilly bush country, unless they could secure the support of kupapa’
    • ‘She also spent time on Whanganui River and became interested in the story of the Whanganui kupapa who fought against him and were led by Te Keepa Te Rangihiwinui.’
    • ‘Maori Party MPs are often subjected to calls of "kupapa" - traitor - because of their support deal with National.’
    • ‘Perhaps a few Australian kupapa Union Bosses would find it prudent to attend.’
    • ‘Major Kemp takes charge of the Maori kupapa who fight on the British side.’
    • ‘History will judge the kupapa (traitors) who have abandoned our people for money.’
    • ‘Find the kupapa or quisling.’
    • ‘Being a kupapa rather comes with the territory.’
    • ‘Te Wheke (Anzac Wallace), one of the so-called kupapa (Maori who sided with the British), turns on his allies when his village is destroyed and his uncle slain by British forces.’
    • ‘They managed to avoid the Pakeha (Kiwis of European ancestry) troops and the kupapa (Maoris fighting on the Govt side).’
    • ‘Any playing nicely with National would have seen Hone denigrated as a Kupapa Maori.’


Late 19th century: Maori.