Definition of kumara pit in English:

kumara pit


  • (in Maori society) a pit used for storing fruit and vegetables, typically sweet potatoes; a rua.

    ‘the fugitive hid in a kumara pit’
    • ‘She hoped to find kumara pits and houses.’
    • ‘At the top you can sit at any number of park seats and watch the busy streets, spot swimming pools in homes next to the motorway, try to find the historic kumara pits, or go in search of the black cows with white faces, grazing on the grass.’
    • ‘The first Maori settlers levelled the top and dug terraces and kumara pits in the side.’
    • ‘She always says, a woman goes into a kumara pit it rots the whole kumara!’
    • ‘As a toddler he fell into a deep kumara pit on the pa - and spent a miserable day waiting to be found.’
    • ‘If they got bruised they could go rotten in the kumara pit.’
    • ‘Paritutu had once stood somewhat taller, perhaps a metre, but the summit had been flattened by sheer hard work to make a level site for whare and kumara pits.’
    • ‘Trenches are seen alongside kumara pits.’
    • ‘The kumara pits would have been built over with earth which, if it collapsed, would leave no trace.’
    • ‘After that I took him over to the kumara pit and opened it, and there you are, the kumara were just as good as the day they were put in.’