Definition of kugel in English:



  • 1mass noun (in Jewish cooking) a kind of savoury pudding of potatoes or other vegetables.

    • ‘Their tote bags were laden with vegetables to prepare for chicken soup and potato kugel.’
    • ‘The table was set with kugel and rolls still steaming from the oven.’
    • ‘For Passover, choose from three types of kugel - purple potato, saffron and sweet potato.’
    • ‘They bring steaming trays of potato kugel and berry cobbler, bottles of grape juice and sweet wine.’
    • ‘He meant potato kugel, no doubt made in the traditional way with eggs, chicken fat, onion, and grated potato.’
  • 2South African derogatory A spoilt and materialistic young woman, typically Jewish, with a distinctive nasal accent.

    • ‘Wealthy middle-aged American women, with bright red lipstick, black Cleopatra hairstyles and accents similar to Sandton kugels swamped the gardens, clicking digital cameras.’
    • ‘And, despite her being the epitome of a kugel, the South African version of a Jewish American Princess, and being stereotypically racist in a white South African way, I actually like the woman.’


Yiddish, literally ‘ball’.