Definition of krumping in English:



mass noun
  • A style of dancing to popular music, especially hip-hop, characterized by rapid, exaggerated movements of the arms and legs.

    ‘another group of wannabees demonstrated their skills in everything from ballroom and ballet to salsa, jive, and krumping’
    • ‘With more styles of dance on display than ever before, with the latest craze of 'krumping' coming to the forefront, fans of every dance discipline are in for a treat.’
    • ‘The first specialised dance school in Surrey is one of the biggest in the south, covering all main urban styles including street, hiphop, LA style, breakdance, and krumping.’
    • ‘This year has seen some great acts with a lot of diversity, from tap to street, animation, krumping and contemporary dance.’
    • ‘Few performers have the ability to switch between melancholic hip thrusts and extravagant krumping.’
    • ‘They also included some krumping in their routine which made their street dance performance the most well-rounded among the four finalists.’
    • ‘She is friends with one of the dancers who helped lay the foundation for krumping in L.A.’
    • ‘The film centres around dance and the director ensures that the dances; breaking, krumping, locking and popping are flamboyantly portrayed.’
    • ‘Last year's documentary Hip Hop-eration proved there are no upper age limits when it comes to locking, popping and krumping.’
    • ‘Deep involvement in his city's krumping subculture led to a featured role in David LaChapelle's 2005 documentary on that form of street dancing, Rize.’
    • ‘Nearly a decade ago, a fresh-faced teen hopped on the scene with catchy vocals and krumping skills to match.’