Definition of krump in English:



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  • Dance to popular music, especially hip-hop, in a style characterized by rapid, exaggerated movements of the arms and legs.

    ‘she's teaching me how to krump’
    ‘the music she's crooning and krumping to is some of the catchiest pop being made’
    • ‘Williams dances beside a fountain, krumping and popping to music only he hears.’
    • ‘The battle went a couple rounds, with Johnson's daughter krumping and busting out all kinds of moves with an exceptional amount of sass.’
    • ‘Big bass, cutesy melodies and hard hitting raps; we know what Santa Claus will be krumping to on Christmas day’
    • ‘I no longer krump to Eminem on crowded dancefloors.’
    • ‘After krumping on the streets for years, Miss Prissy said she wanted to take the dance to the next level by performing on stage.’
    • ‘But can the guy doing that amazing Argentine tango learn how to krump?’
    • ‘I love the idea that she krumps because it's empowering and I kinda wish we could get past the odd disconnect between her looks and her dancing.’
    • ‘The dance begins with a spotlight on a male dancer who fervently krumps to his own spoken word poetry; a powerful beginning to this expressive and dynamic piece.’


mass noun
  • A style of dancing to popular music, especially hip-hop, characterized by rapid, exaggerated movements of the arms and legs.

    ‘whether it's hip-hop or krump, it's a way of expressing yourself’
    • ‘If you prefer smooth hip-hop, you might not be so excited to take a hard-hitting Krump class.’
    • ‘LA is the birthplace of Krump.’
    • ‘Her exploration of krump for her thesis project last year sparked a relationship that culminated with the first live performance of the street dance phenomenon on a mainstream stage.’
    • ‘An all-female crew danced krump, a hip hop style more associated with men.’
    • ‘Other instructors teach circus skills, "aerial yoga" done in hammocks, kung fu and a form of street dancing called "krump".’
    • ‘"Whether I'm happy or sad, I know I can dance," said Alexandre, who is typical of Krump devotees.’
    • ‘The buzz they created among commuters helped spread the word about krump, the urban dance the group specialises in.’
    • ‘To this day, both artists have continued meeting with neighborhood dancers at late-night krump sessions held at rec centers or in parking lots.’
    • ‘At heart, he is a street dancer so he has been keeping his hand in by taking part in Saturday night krump battles in a subway near the Coliseum.’
    • ‘We've been practising a lot of the club dances - from house to krump to vogue to dancehall to twerk - but at the same time we were studying ballet and creating very abstract forms.’


Early 21st century: probably an alteration of crunk.