Definition of krummhorn in English:


(also crumhorn)


  • A medieval wind instrument with an enclosed double reed and an upward-curving end, producing an even, nasal sound.

    • ‘The sound of mandolin, crumhorns, bassoons, recorders, and various timpani, being woven into a rock structure is simply a joy to behold.’
    • ‘Arts with a long history aren't new to Robbins, who toured with her family performing medieval music on archaic instruments like the krummhorn and vielle.’
    • ‘Many of the genre's foremost practitioners were not particularly interested in theatrics, preferring to concentrate on the challenge of playing complicated tunes on the crumhorn.’
    • ‘We were also treated to sensitively and beautifully played instrumental items from Philip Gruar and Elizabeth Dodd, in combinations such as lute and flute, two recorders, two viols, recorder and viol, and crumhorn and viol.’
    • ‘That's because any festival, whether it celebrates the sackbut and crumhorn of early music, or the sword and society of the Vikings, brings in enthusiasts.’


From German, from krumm ‘crooked’ + Horn ‘horn’.