Definition of kris in English:



  • A Malay or Indonesian dagger with a wavy-edged blade.

    • ‘As Schama notes, the dagger used to puncture the hero's eye in the Blinding of Samson, one of Rembrandt's most dramatic history paintings, is a Javanese kris.’
    • ‘If a powerful spirit has possessed them, and if the blessing is successful, the kris will not penetrate and they will not bleed.’
    • ‘The solemn ceremony concluded with him kissing the hilt of the royal kris, or jagged dagger that is a symbol of power, along with a 21-gun salute to the strains of the national anthem.’
    • ‘There is often a mass killing that ends the performance as each person takes out a kris, the short zig-zag bladed knife, and stabs his own body.’
    • ‘As he was struggling for his last breath, Mpu Gandring cursed the kris by saying that it would be responsible for the deaths of seven generations that followed, including Ken Arok.’


Late 16th century: based on Malay keris.