Definition of Kriol in English:



mass noun
  • A creole spoken by Aborigines in the north of Australia.

    ‘Kriol shares some features of grammar with English-based pidgins in the Pacific’
    • ‘Kriol is a continuum of varieties.’
    • ‘The objective form is linguistically possible in Kriol.’
    • ‘Kriol is firmly established in northern Australia, and various forms of Aboriginal English are spoken across Australia.’
    • ‘Although Australian Kriol does not have any official status, it has been used in bilingual education programs in parts of Australia.’
    • ‘The Kriol bible was produced in conjunction with a committee of Aboriginal consultants.’
    • ‘Most of the limited Kriol morphology is associated with the verb and there are five prepositions that indicate grammatical relations.’
    • ‘Other songs by this group intersperse lines in Kriol with text in English.’
    • ‘Peggy speaks not standard English but a local Kriol.’
    • ‘It is clear that Kriol is spoken by a considerable number of Aboriginal people.’
    • ‘Aboriginal people commonly refer to these groupings in Aboriginal languages and in Kriol as a 'country'.’


1980s: an alteration of Creole.