Definition of Krio in English:



mass noun
  • An English-based Creole language of Sierra Leone. It is the first language of about 350,000 people and is used as a lingua franca by over 3 million.

    • ‘The grammar and pronunciation of Krio are similar to many African languages.’
    • ‘His English is virtually nonexistent, and his Krio, the local language, is inflected with his native Italian.’
    • ‘Krio is spoken in Sierra Leone and also around Banjul in the Gambia, as well as on the island of Ngueyma Byogo in Equatorial Guinea.’
    • ‘Krio, Mende and Temne are widely spoken, with Krio being the lingua franca.’


  • Relating to Krio.

    • ‘Creole authors have pioneered a growing literature in the Krio language.’
    • ‘On the phone to someone who has spent several extended periods working in Sierra Leone - I mentioned that website of Krio proverbs which I linked to a couple of weeks ago, and quoted her an example.’


Probably an alteration of Creole.