Definition of kreplach in English:


plural noun

  • (in Jewish cooking) triangular noodles filled with chopped meat or cheese and served with soup.

    • ‘Though I'd never had this soup before, it was reminiscent of Jewish kreplach or Chinese won-ton soup.’
    • ‘And in your chicken soup do you prefer kreplach or matzoh balls?’
    • ‘She dreamed of getting married, resigning from her job, staying home and decorating a living room and baking bobka and cooking blintzes and kreplach, just like her mother.’
    • ‘Now, if only he would tackle our grandmother's kreplach.’
    • ‘You'll want to know that the dinner comprises ‘challah, salad, chopped liver, chicken soup with noodles and kreplach, stuffed veal, brisket, Belgium carrots, and rugalach for dessert.’’


From Yiddish kreplekh, plural of krepel, from German dialect Kräppel ‘fritter’.