Definition of krait in English:



  • A highly venomous Asian snake of the cobra family.

    Genus Bungarus, family Elapidae: several species, including the black and yellow banded krait (B. fasciatus). See also sea krait

    • ‘In northern Kerala it was mainly the bite of the Russell's viper and down here in Tamil Nadu, it is a mixture of the cobra and the krait.’
    • ‘Snakes are common in Cuc Phuong; some, such as the banded krait, are deadly poisonous.’
    • ‘According to a study conducted by SPCA in the area, there are kraits, cobras and vipers in the area.’
    • ‘Other animals include snakes, such as the cobra, king cobra, and banded krait and countless insects and spiders.’
    • ‘The toxins of certain snakes (e.g. the banded krait) and of bacteria also block neuromuscular transmission and paralyse their victim.’
    • ‘When a deadly snake, a black krait, slithered into my nursery and my Indian nanny ran screaming from the room, her ankle bracelets chattering in panic, it was Yah Mohammed who calmly killed the krait,’ she explains.’
    • ‘‘People mostly mistake this snake for a krait and kill it immediately, even though it is non-venomous and cannot do much harm,’ says Ataaz.’
    • ‘Like the cobra, the poison of the krait is also neuro-toxic and the venom is at least 10 times more powerful than that of a cobra, they add.’


Late 19th century: from Hindi karait.