Definition of kouros in English:



  • An ancient Greek statue of a young man, standing and often naked.

    • ‘In 1993 Federico Zeri, the Italian art historian, resigned as a Getty trustee after it bought a Greek kouros he believed was bogus.’
    • ‘The imagery has an affinity with Cycladic sculpture, with the forms of the archaic kouros, with the masks of the Luba from Zaire, and many other forms of expression evolved by rustics as opposed to urbanites.’
    • ‘For example, he tells of art experts who examine a purported 6th century B.C. Greek kouros statue and instinctively know it's a fake.’
    • ‘Vitality is likewise conveyed by the phallic morphology and upright surge of the fragmentary kouros at Olympia, shot in profile and appearing dark brown against a radiant background.’
    • ‘The Getty Museum was offered an ancient Greek marble of a standing youth, a kouros.’


Greek, Ionic form of koros ‘boy’.