Definition of kouprey in English:



  • A very rare grey ox found in the forests of SE Asia.

    Bos sauveli, family Bovidae

    • ‘There are five or six explanations for our data, but the explanation that fits the data best is that the kouprey is a domestic ox that went wild.’
    • ‘Nevertheless, the kouprey is shy and more difficult to kill than either gaur or banteng.’
    • ‘Weighing in at about 220 pounds, the saola is the largest land-dwelling mammal introduced to science since the kouprey, or gray ox, was described in 1937.’
    • ‘The animal was expected to be similar to other wild cattle found in the same area, including the gaur and the kouprey, or gray ox.’
    • ‘Six were found in the 1990s in remote forests in Vietnam - a rhino, a rabbit, three deer and a primate - but they were the first since the discovery of the kouprey in the area in 1937.’


1940s: from Khmer.