Definition of koroua in English:



  • An elderly Maori man.

    ‘he conducted one-on-one interviews with koroua’
    • ‘When my koroua (elderly uncle) drove up the driveway and stopped beside her, I heard him ask her who she was.’
    • ‘Once there was a koroua who spent many of his days sitting on his porch looking at the land where his ancestors had lived and died.’
    • ‘What are they gonna think when they look out the window and see this crazy old koroua in the sea looking for paua?’
    • ‘The koroua answered and the stranger shook the old man's hand.’
    • ‘As part of his community role a koroua is expected to be able to stand and formally welcome visitors.’
    • ‘She uses her position to evade the patriarchal discipline and disagree with the koroua.’
    • ‘He wonders if his success with kids stems from the fact they see their koroua in themselves.’
    • ‘His earliest memories are of being brought up by his koroua.’
    • ‘Before that, all afternoon, we been with the koroua.’
    • ‘My thoughts go back to our kuia and koroua who said that we should teach te reo and not expect payment.’