Definition of korhaan in English:



South African
  • A small crested bustard, which is typically boldly marked and has penetrating repetitive calls.

    Genus Eupodotis, family Otididae: several species

    • ‘In addition, the blue korhaan and black-bellied korhaan are thought to be ‘near-threatened’.’
    • ‘Etosha's grasslands are home to doublebanded plovers and black korhaans.’
    • ‘Carmine bee-eaters perch on the back of kori bustards and red-crested korhaans plummet from the sky in daring aerobatic mating displays.’
    • ‘Two blackbellied korhaans were flirting nearby.’
    • ‘While birds such as the korhaans and bustards inhabit the open grassland, other species reside in the adjacent woodlands.’


Mid 18th century: Afrikaans, from the imitative base kor-, knor- (compare with Dutch korren ‘coo’) + haan ‘cock’.