Definition of Konkani in English:



mass noun
  • An Indic language spoken mainly in Goa and adjacent parts of south-western India.

    • ‘It is a pleasant amalgam of Persian, Arabic, Marathi, and Hindustani with Konkani as its base.’
    • ‘He had steeled himself for a conversation in English and was delighted when I broke into Portuguese and Konkani.’
    • ‘Knowledge of Portuguese was made compulsory and the language of the people, Konkani, was banned from the school curriculum.’
    • ‘When we tell them why, they nod good-naturedly and talk to the rest, and laugh gently at Katherine's weak attempts at Konkani.’
    • ‘Growing up on the West Coast, Shivarama Karanth most likely heard, and spoke, as much Tulu and Konkani as he did Kannada.’


  • Relating to Konkani.

    • ‘It also has in its list the first Konkani novel to be translated into English: The Upheaval by Pundalik N. Naik (translated by Vidya Pai).’
    • ‘Would one coin a decipherable Konkani equivalent for a medical term as simple as sinusitis?’
    • ‘He has translated a few Konkani works into Malayalam.’
    • ‘The award is being given every year to four Konkani speaking people who have made a name for themselves in their fields of activity.’
    • ‘The first Konkani book to be translated into English, The Upheaval deals with the collapse of an agrarian society that lived by myths and unspoken rules.’


From Marathi and Hindi koṅkaṇī, from Sanskrit koṅkaṇa ‘Konkan’ (a coastal region of western India).