Definition of Kondratiev in English:



  • usually as modifier Each of a series of cycles or waves of economic contraction and expansion lasting about fifty years, postulated by Kondratiev in the 1920s.

    ‘the fifth Kondratiev’
    as modifier ‘longer-term Kondratiev waves of growth and decline’
    • ‘This reversed money-tide epitomizes the deflationary phase of the Kondratiev cycle.’
    • ‘The deflationary spiral under the long-wave Kondratiev cycle is far from over, in spite of appearances.’
    • ‘The Internet is arguably the most significant technology of the intermillennial era, the leading technology of the fifth Kondratiev wave.’
    • ‘As a preliminary I would like to remind readers that a bull market in bonds is the sine qua non of the deflationary spiral under the Kondratiev cycle.’
    • ‘I began giving students my Kondratiev handout and telling them to invest long term in IBM and wait for a fifth Kondratiev wave.’


1930s: named after Nikolai D. Kondratiev (1892– c 1935), Russian economist.