Definition of kombu in English:



mass noun
  • A brown seaweed used in Japanese cooking, especially as a base for stock.

    Genus Laminaria, class Phaeophyceae

    • ‘Two wholesome brown kelps that are popular among Japanese diners are kombu and arame.’
    • ‘Some, like agar-agar, alginates, and carrageenan, are derived from seaweeds; the Japanese use of kombu is an outstanding example.’
    • ‘Still, their clear brown broth - lemongrass-infused bonito stock and miso, laced with kombu, pea shoots and shiitakes - is deliciously complex.’
    • ‘Other commonly used seaweeds are wakame and kombu, which are types of kelp.’
    • ‘Cooking them with kombu and using a pressure cooker will make them more digestible.’


Late 19th century: Japanese.