Definition of komatiitic in English:



  • See komatiite

    • ‘One theory proposes that these deposits are the feeders for nickel sulphide deposits in komatiitic formations.’
    • ‘The least buoyant Reliance komatiitic magmas apparently ascended first via a complex plumbing system of interconnected ‘flow-through’ sills in different regions and at different crustal levels.’
    • ‘The widespread but discontinuous Reliance unit comprises a series of essentially discrete komatiitic flow fields that are submarine in most regions but partly emergent at Belingwe.’
    • ‘Massive to pillowed tholeiitic basalt, komatiitic basalt and ultramafic rocks form a series of partly overlapping lensoidal bodies with typical sigmoidal outcrop patterns.’
    • ‘The Reliance flow fields and associated sills are considered to represent, respectively, the volcanic and subvolcanic phases of komatiitic sill-flow complexes, each about 100 km in diameter, scattered across the craton.’