Definition of kolinsky in English:



  • 1A dark brown weasel with a bushy tail, found from Siberia to Japan.

    Mustela sibirica, family Mustelidae. Alternative name: Siberian weasel

    • ‘The Siberian weasel makes its den in the hollows of trees, under rocks, and will often take over a rodent's burrow that has been deserted.’
    • ‘They are the common shrew, the Altaic mole, the fox, the bear, the glutton, the sable, the weasel, the ermine, the Siberian weasel, the otter, the musk-deer, the maral, the roe, the elk, the squirrel, the chipmunk, the common dark and red field-vole, the Altaic, the Altaic pika.’
    • ‘Among these is the kolinsky, also known as the yellow weasel, red sable, tartar sable, or China mink.’
    • ‘The North was to send 16 animals, including Asiatic black bears, lynx, coyotes, African ponies and Siberian weasels, zoo officials said.’
    • ‘The Siberian weasel also known as the Siberian mink or kolinsky is the most common among Asian mustelids.’
    • ‘Also known as Siberian weasels, these little furbearers are found in Siberia, China and other parts of Asia.’
    • ‘Of predators, there are bears, wolverines, sables, Siberian weasels, ermines, and least weasels; of ungulates, marals, roe deer, musk deer, etc.’
    • ‘A study of wild populations in Japan showed that the average longevity of Siberian weasels was about 2.1 years.’
    • ‘Fifty-one species of mammals find refuge in the Katun Nature Preserve including brown bears, chipmunks, ermines, lynxes, minks, musk-deer, sables, Siberian mountain goats, Siberian weasels, and squirrels.’
    • ‘Other mammals in the region include red foxes, Siberian weasels, red deer, and even reindeer (caribou).’
    1. 1.1mass noun The fur of the kolinsky.


Mid 19th century: from the place name Kola, a port in NW Russia, + the pseudo-Russian ending -insky.