Definition of Kol Nidre in English:

Kol Nidre


  • An Aramaic prayer annulling vows made before God, sung by Jews at the opening of the Day of Atonement service on the eve of Yom Kippur.

    • ‘On the other hand, Sephardic versions of Kol Nidre vary both in melody and performance practice from one community to the next.’
    • ‘His fear increased during Kol Nidre because of the service's importance and duration.’
    • ‘Finally, near the end of his life, he takes his own grandchild to Yom Kippur Eve services and listens to her guess why Kol Nidre is sung three times.’
    • ‘There are moving stories of the cathartic power of Kol Nidre bringing Jews to tears during the terror-numbing years of the Holocaust.’
    • ‘The text and chant of Kol Nidre was introduced by Rabbi Yehuda Gaon in his synagogue during the eighth century.’


From Aramaic kol niḏrē ‘all the vows’ (the opening words of the prayer).


Kol Nidre

/kɒl ˈniːdreɪ/