Definition of koha in English:



  • A gift or donation.

    ‘in no circumstances would he accept the koha’
    • ‘I am not going to get into the business of defining what a koha is and what it is not.’
    • ‘A wero can be threatening and punishing but a koha is more likely to be accepted as a peaceful gesture.’
    • ‘It is accepted because a koha is a gift.’
    • ‘The facilitators took the stance that the seminars were essentially koha to the students.’
    • ‘The member down the back asks whether that would be an offering of koha.’
    • ‘My understanding is that the Inland Revenue Department made a judgment on the situation with regard to koha payments to voluntary workers.’
    • ‘Their eyes roll knowing they may have to give monetary handouts (i.e. kohas).’
    • ‘He received $200,000 as his golden koha.’
    • ‘I think at one stage he attempted to justify one of them to the New Zealand Parliament by saying it was not a gift but koha - a couple of hundred thousand dollars of koha, as I remember.’
    • ‘They do not like it when the Minister accepts a koha.’