Definition of kobold in English:



  • (in Germanic mythology) a spirit who haunts houses or lives underground in caves or mines.

    • ‘You're the senior student of a dwarf named Master Drogan, and one night kobolds attack, poison Drogan, and then make off with some powerful artifacts.’
    • ‘Everything looked good for an evening of high adventure until the first kobold was killed.’
    • ‘You'll encounter giant rats, spiders, kobolds, wolves, trolls, and the rest of the usual suspects.’
    • ‘They rushed over to investigate, and saw a kobold trapped in a bear trap.’
    • ‘Nein taunted the kobolds that surrounded her group.’
    • ‘As soon as you walk around in your own house with the lights off, some evil little kitchen kobold rushes out and rearranges all your furniture.’


From German Kobold.