Definition of koauau in English:



  • A Maori musical instrument similar to a flute.

    ‘instruments used include everything from Tibetan prayer bowls to koauau and bugles’
    • ‘Mourning Sax and the haunting sound of (traditional Maori wind-instrument) koauau sets the vibe over a flowing piano piece.’
    • ‘Her Pounamu is a 1989 classic, especially potent with Horo's koauau instead of European flute.’
    • ‘She sings the opening karakia, after she has introduced herself on a koauau.’
    • ‘The piece employs the help of a koauau, a traditional Maori flute.’
    • ‘She claims her heritage and establishes an unmistakable sense of place within the album's first few bars, with the bird-like call of a koauau.’
    • ‘Explore the cultural and astronomical significance of the star cluster Matariki at Stardome Planetarium or attend the Koauau Workshop and use traditional stone tool carving methods to make, then play, the Koauau (traditional Maori flute).’
    • ‘She is an accomplished player and teacher of koauau and nguru (Maori flutes).’
    • ‘It tells the famous story of how Hinemoa heard the koauau of Tutanekai and swam across Lake Rotorua to woo him.’
    • ‘His exquisitely gauged improvisations involved a crystalline koauau introduction.’
    • ‘There are several historical koauau in the Auckland Museum.’


Early 20th century: Maori.