Definition of knowledge economy in English:

knowledge economy


  • An economy in which growth is dependent on the quantity, quality, and accessibility of the information available, rather than the means of production.

    • ‘Well, the most important thing we need to do is to make sure that our knowledge economy is protected.’
    • ‘An IBEC survey shows employers are taking practical steps to move Ireland towards being " a knowledge economy ".’
    • ‘The Cambridge study is part of a new wave of official interest in the way the government makes data available to the knowledge economy.’
    • ‘The opportunities of the knowledge economy are not evenly distributed.’
    • ‘In the knowledge economy things are a little different.’
    • ‘New Zealand's knowledge economy has a real need for anyone prepared to better themselves by studying for a tertiary qualification.’
    • ‘The topic this year is the knowledge economy.’
    • ‘Rural Britain is in danger of fostering a new underclass of people unable to exploit the benefits of the knowledge economy.’
    • ‘The GI Bill gave working-class veterans the education they needed to enter the emerging knowledge economy.’
    • ‘Indeed, a large chunk of the nation's existing knowledge economy is migrating, along with many high-paying jobs.’
    • ‘In an increasingly globalised knowledge economy, access to advanced telecommunications infrastructures is a necessary condition of growth.’
    • ‘The knowledge economy is much smaller than previously thought, according to a new book to be published later this year.’
    • ‘Nova Scotia is ready to be a player in "the global knowledge economy"’
    • ‘Similar points can be made concerning the shift to the knowledge economy.’
    • ‘A society obsessed with the knowledge economy, Furedi argues, is oddly wary of knowledge.’
    • ‘The early 1980s, for example, marked the decisive transition from the industrial to the knowledge economy.’
    • ‘Guardian Technology's Free our Data campaign argues the two roles should be separated in the interests of nurturing a knowledge economy.’
    • ‘Literacy experts estimate nearly half of American adults lack the basic skills needed to function successfully in the knowledge economy.’
    • ‘In a knowledge economy, companies with the best talent win.’
    • ‘The research builds the foundation for the knowledge economy.’


knowledge economy