Definition of knock something into a cocked hat in English:

knock something into a cocked hat


  • Utterly defeat or outdo something.

    ‘architecturally, Spencer House knocks Buckingham Palace into a cocked hat’
    • ‘He knocks all those criteria firmly into a cocked hat.’
    • ‘Well, the local medical practice have just managed to knock that malarkey into a cocked hat, believe me.’
    • ‘Commercially, the Beijing Olympics knocks the FIFA World Cup, which started on Friday, into a cocked hat.’
    • ‘Several of you have written in saying that other countries can not only match England's tally, they can knock it into a cocked hat.’
    • ‘It knocked the idea of the perfect guru into a cocked hat.’
    • ‘Three or four of you playing against each other in the same room still knocks online play into a cocked hat any day of the week.’
    • ‘It is also one of the finest police comics of recent times, knocking the rest of the books in the genre into a cocked hat.’
    • ‘He has the skill and style to knock the typical Booker Prize-winner into a cocked hat.’
    • ‘Yes, there's nothing I like better than paying good money to see a load of plays that knock mine into a cocked hat.’
    • ‘She wasn't religious but the way she lived her life would knock the morals of most religious people into a cocked hat.’