Definition of knock someone/something about (or around) in English:

knock someone/something about (or around)

phrasal verb

  • Injure or damage by rough treatment.

    • ‘It's good to see that getting knocked around last Fall helped get his priorities straight.’
    • ‘Violent men, who I'm told quite often want sex after they've knocked their wives about, no doubt also classify as frigid the women who don't regard a black eye as acceptable foreplay.’
    • ‘People get stirred up and aggressive and go home and knock their family about.’
    • ‘Being here made me realize what I was missing by being rough with you and knocking you around and flirting with other girls.’
    • ‘AIt wasn't any secret by the end of the relationship that he had been knocking her about though nobody thought he would ever hurt the kids.’
    • ‘‘They chased after me and started knocking me about,’ she said.’
    • ‘Your father was knocked about by the Depression, as nearly every man was, I suppose.’
    • ‘By the time you reach your 30's, you've been knocked around a bit, but you've made some mistakes and learned a little more about yourself.’
    • ‘Turbulence was knocking around our noisy little twin-prop plane like a beach ball in a hurricane.’
    • ‘A week in Adelaide with her had knocked Mum around fairly badly on an emotional level.’
    beat up, beat, batter, strike, hit, punch, thump, thrash, smack, slap, cuff, buffet, pummel, belabour
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