Definition of knock (or hit) someone for six in English:

knock (or hit) someone for six


  • Utterly surprise or overcome someone.

    ‘this business has knocked her for six’
    • ‘My mother's death, in June 2000, really knocked him for six.’
    • ‘I'm not a publicity minded guy, so it's really knocked me for six.’
    • ‘The clocks changing has knocked me for six - I'm perky as anything in the morning, but come afternoon I feel like I've been hit by a brick wall.’
    • ‘The sexual innuendo is so utterly out of left field that it knocks you for six.’
    • ‘My marriage had gone through a bad time and that knocked me for six.’
    • ‘To be told by someone you had only just met that it wouldn't work knocked me for six.’
    • ‘I take each day as it comes but it knocks you for six.’
    • ‘She is one in a million, such a lively and positive person, and this knocked her for six.’
    • ‘I am very angry if they put a ban on my business, it will knock me for six.’
    • ‘When you are just starting out in life you have got it all to do and it just knocked her for six.’
    amaze, astonish, dumbfound, stagger, surprise, startle, stun, stupefy, daze, nonplus
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