Definition of knock-up in English:



  • (in tennis or other racket sports) a period of practice play, especially before formal play begins.

    • ‘Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a knock-up on the courts.’
    • ‘I have been playing more squash recently and in the knock-up I again felt confident and was pulling off shots that surprised and impressed me for their accuracy and technique.’
    • ‘Federer genuinely looks as if he's having a gentle knock-up.’
    • ‘However, it seemed as if the fans only had eyes for Anna and some of the more red-blooded males couldn't refrain from wolf whistling when she removed her tracksuit top at the end of the knock-up!’
    • ‘The final decision was deferred until after a final practice session today, but a light knock-up with Courteau confirmed her worst fears and Mauresmo sat courtside in the Rod Laver Arena with her head buried in a towel.’