Definition of knish in English:



  • A dumpling of flaky dough with a savoury filling that is baked or fried.

    • ‘The folded pizza slice, the hot dog and the crusty knish have a built-in mobility that lets hungry New Yorkers eat on the street.’
    • ‘Why do you think politicians go around munching on pizzas, knishes and egg rolls on the campaign trail?’
    • ‘In the window, right before one's very eyes, one could feast on the vision of hot dogs and knishes sizzling on the grill.’
    • ‘This means that of an evening I can choose to eat Cuban-Chinese nosh, a Polish dumpling or a Jewish knish.’
    • ‘We unload more dishes, set the table for yet another feast: salmon, sable fish, bagels, antipasto, knishes, chopped liver… well, you get the picture.’


Yiddish, from Russian knish, knysh, denoting a kind of bun or dumpling.