Definition of knightly in English:


adjectiveknightliest, knightlier

  • Associated with or typical of a knight; chivalrous.

    ‘a knightly quest’
    • ‘Malory was first and foremost a chronicler of secular chivalry, and his version of the Grail story brings out the tensions between the Grail's religious idealism and its context of knightly life and exploits.’
    • ‘As the name suggests it concerns itself with chivalry, honour and knightly contests.’
    • ‘It was possible for young men of relatively low status to make a mark through their prowess, but in general the participants were already of noble or at least knightly birth.’
    • ‘The code of chivalry that embodied the knightly ideals - honor, generosity and courtesy - became the code of honor of the gentleman, and the foundation of fencing etiquette.’
    • ‘In theory, knightly honour allowed only two alternatives, death or capture.’
    gallant, noble, valiant, heroic, courageous, brave, bold, intrepid, dauntless, fearless, stout-hearted
    upper-class, well born, high-born, noble, of noble birth, aristocratic, lordly, patrician, blue-blooded, titled
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