Definition of knawel in English:



  • A low-growing inconspicuous plant of the pink family, which grows in temperate regions of the northern hemisphere.

    Genus Scleranthus, family Caryophyllaceae

    • ‘Other related species include stitchwort and chickweed, catchflies, knawels, pearlworts and sea-spurreys.’
    • ‘Both knawels are sometimes named pesky weeds, but every plant, which can survive in the poor soil, is important for the Spit.’
    • ‘Self-pollination allows for distinct races to develop and several sub-species of annual knawel have been recognised, however their status in Ireland has not been investigated.’
    • ‘I saw no shepherd's purse after December 27th, but knawel was in flower as late as January 18th.’


Late 16th century: from German Knauel, Knäuel ‘knotgrass’.