Definition of knacker's yard in English:

knacker's yard


  • 1A place where old or injured animals are taken to be slaughtered.

    • ‘Neither is ready or willing to be put out to grass and they are hardly candidates for the sporting knacker's yard, a fact that Paterson readily concedes himself.’
    • ‘She was just skin and bone when she was rescued from the knacker's yard.’
    • ‘At 34, she counts almost as a geriatric and carries enough injuries to condemn a horse to the knacker's yard.’
    • ‘There is a rush among some fans and pundits to consign Benitez's predecessor to the knacker's yard of football history.’
    • ‘A low PSA did not guarantee freedom from cancer and a high PSA did not necessarily mean you were ready for the knacker's yard.’
    • ‘Northampton are headed for the knacker's yard unless Paul Grayson can save them.’
    • ‘Jeff Bridges plays a millionaire car salesman and widower who, after developing a soft spot for the racehorse, saves it from the knacker's yard.’
    • ‘Surely they would only want fully fit athletes and not a man we have been led to believe is on his last legs, just one tackle away from being sent to the knacker's yard.’
    • ‘‘We will play a few younger lads because I don't want to send some of the older lads to the knacker's yard too early,’ smiles the skipper.’
    • ‘According to the script the radical left should have been dispatched to the knacker's yard after history ended with the ‘triumph of capitalism’.’
    • ‘He was, according to the manager, fit for nothing better than the knacker's yard.’
    • ‘My first pony, Pepe, was saved from the knacker's yard and he was brilliant.’
    • ‘Charro, a 10-year-old thoroughbred cross Appaloosa mare, was too dangerous to handle and destined for the knacker's yard until a ‘horse whisperer’ took over the reins.’
    • ‘Horse lover Caroline Noble, from Melbourne, near York, saved Scartho Top from the knacker's yard in 1999 and has trained her to become a top endurance racer against all the odds.’
    • ‘Row upon row of cars, parked bumper to bumper, all waiting to be carted off to the knacker's yard.’
    • ‘It's not true to say all horses go to the knacker's yard when their racing days are over.’
    1. 1.1 A state or condition of being discarded or rejected as no longer useful or required.
      ‘in 1989, the firm was ready for the knacker's yard’