Definition of Klondike in English:


proper noun

  • 1A tributary of the Yukon River, in Yukon Territory, north-western Canada, which rises in the Ogilvie mountains and flows 160 km (100 miles) westwards to join the Yukon at Dawson. It gave its name to the surrounding region, which became famous when gold was found in nearby Bonanza Creek in 1896. In the ensuing gold rush of 1897–8 thousands settled in the area to mine gold.

    1. 1.1as noun a Klondike A source of valuable material.
      ‘the surrounding area was still an archaeological Klondike’
      • ‘To close it and sterilise what is a Klondike of 100m tonnes of coal would be nothing short of criminal.’
      • ‘The Internet boom is a high-tech gold rush, a latter day Klondike of bits and bandwidth.’
  • 2as nounNorth American A form of the card game patience or solitaire.